How Our Juices Are Made

Here at juicedr, we want you to have the healthiest juice on Earth. That’s why we use 100% real fruits and vegetables which are ozone cleaned, no concentrated knick-knacks, no extra sugar added and no heat applied, just pure delicious ingredients pressed right into our bottles which are then refrigerated immediately, making one bottle of juicedr packed with healthy nutrients and also taste much better than your ordinary juice!


Being healthy is not all, we also want you to enjoy delicious flavours. We’ve perfected our recipes so they are healthy but also super delicious. In the end, vitamins are no use if they taste like pills! We’ve done all the research and hard work, so you can just sit back and enjoy all the vital vitamins deliciously!

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selecting produce

Good taste comes from good ingredients. We hand pick the best fruits and vegetables with just the right ripeness so you can enjoy the perfect natural taste without needing sugar.


ozone clean

Making raw juice requires great care since any dangerous contamination that makes its way into the bottles will be left untreated. This is why we ozone clean everything that goes into our bottles to ensure that any unwanted chemicals or pathogens that cannot be removed with water do not make its way into your juice.



At the heart of our processing, we use the latest cold pressed juicing technology custom made for us which ensures minimum nutritional loss. And it's not just the juicer that is important to us, every detail in our production matters - even the pumps that pump our juice in our production line are the same technology that hospitals use to pump blood. This way, you can get the maximum amount of healthy nutrients like enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients which are diminished in heat-pasteurised or concentrated juice.



After juicing, the juice is separated from its safe haven of the fruit's protective cellular structure. The nutrients are vunerable to degredation caused by light, heat and air so we work fast to bottle the juice. Before capping our bottles, we use nitrogen purging technology to flush away excess air to keep your juices fresh for longer.

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Prior to delivery, we move our juices into an ice cooled EPS foam box, which is not just great at insulating heat but also recyclable! This means we can maintain low temperatures during delivery in the Thai heat, ensuring the best quality of juice delivered to you.


Approved by the National Innovation Agency for our innovative production line