What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is the juice you get from literally squeezing the liquid from vegetables and fruits. We use a special cold press juicer which uses a low-rpm screw rather than a high-rpm spinning blade to minimise heat generation and oxidation, all of which ensures you get the highest level of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in your juice and this also means, the juice simply tastes better!

juicedr what is cold pressed juice

What is cold pressed smoothie?

To get a smoothie, we combine mashing and cold pressing vegetables and fruits (without ice!) so what you get is the juice, the 'meat', the fibre, everything from the ingredients. A bottle of smoothie will make you feel full and the fibres can help cleanse your digestive system and reduce constipation.


Which one should I drink?

​what is cold pressed juice what is cold pressed smoothie อะไรคือน้ำผักผลไม้สกัดเย็น อะไรคือน้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็น อะไรคือสมูทตี้ น้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็นคือ น้ำผักผลไม้สกัดเย็นคือ สมูทตี้คือ

If you are an ordinary person who wants a healthier body then cold pressed juice is for you. It is also perfect for patients who need the vital vitamins to help heal their body while they may not have such an appetite because cold pressed juice is very easy to drink and nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

If your goal is to reduce weight or do a detox then you would need the cold pressed smoothies. The fibres and pomace in whole fruits will slow down absorption and make you feel full for longer. This is essential because you would need to get rid of your usual high cal or 'unclean' foods and you wouldn't want to have a growling stomach all day! The fibres in our smoothies will also help cleanse your digestive system, reducing weight and detoxifying your body. It is why smoothies are also great for people with constipation. 

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And what do you mean by raw juice? 

Raw juice means that the juice comes from real raw fruit. It is not obtained from fruit concentrate, not chemically extracted, no sugar added, no heat applied or any other processing, just pure delicious nature's product.

juicedr what is raw juice

Making our juices raw means you get the best quality juice out there, full with live enzymes, vitamins, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and minerals that you'll miss from other types of juice!