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Stay healthy for the long run.  Your tailor-made menu. 

Drinking juicedr juices are of course great for your body but even better if you can make it a long-term lifestyle so your body can stay healthy all the time. Introducing the juicedr packages available from 28 to 112 bottles, providing you with a tasty discount! You can get your juices delivered on a regular basis or on a per-order basis and the packages never expire!


You can choose how many bottles and which flavours of juicedr you want to drink for each delivery. You can mix cold pressed juices and smoothies as you like and you can change your selection whenever you want, just let us know, it's tailor-made! If you go on a holiday and would like to hold your delivery, or change the number of bottles per specific deliveries, again just let us know, we'll do it.


packages price

Monthly Fee.png

how does it work?

First, choose how many bottles you would like each day. Let's say you, your partner and 2 kids would each like a bottle everyday, that's 4 bottles per day. In this case, you should go for our 112 bottles package at 6,990 baht. We will deliver in 8 batches on Tuesdays and Fridays, each time delivering 14 bottles.

Or if you prefer, you can also have your juices delivered on a non-regular basis. For example, you buy our 112 bottles package and for the first delivery you may want 20 bottles then 2 weeks later you want 10 bottles.


The prices quoted in the above table does not include delivery charges. We charge the same rate as single orders. For example it costs 60 baht to delivery to your address and you want your juices delivered in 4 batches, we simply charge you 240 baht. For far deliveries, we recommend purchasing a foam box costing 30 baht although this cost is waived when we send 10 or more bottles per delivery.

box and bottles return

Everytime we deliver our juices to you, we care about its freshness and its nutritions. That's why we make sure it's kept cool by using a heat-insulated EPS foam box. It's recyclable, but even better if reused! Our bottles are also reusable. We ozone clean our bottles every time before we juice so no worries about using used bottles! That's why every time you return our box, we give you a 30 baht discount, saving you money and helping the environment.