diet programme

  • 3-day programme for losing weight

    A diet can feel like a torture because low-cal meals never seem to make you feel full. However, two magical low-cal foods that can are fruits and vegetables! This programme has a mere 548kcal per day. It consists mostly of smoothies which contain the ‘meat’ of fruits and vegetables, helping you to feel full unlike other ordinary diets.



    Each day consists of 1 red/yellow/orange cold pressed juice and all 5 colours of our smoothies.


    Food restriction: No high-cal food

    (A day of our programme has been designed to have enough nutrients for an average person to last the whole day without feeling tired or hungry. However, if you do, you can have a low-cal lunch or even better, low-cal snacks spread throughout the day, bearing in mind that the more you eat, the more calories you will consume and the less weight you'll lose