healthy programme

3-day programme for boosting vitamins

940 baht

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for our body but we can't seem to include them in our meals regularly maybe because of taste, inconvenience or maybe you're sick and simply don't want to eat. This programme is designed for you! Each day you'll consume 4 cold pressed juices that are delicious and packed with vitamins equivalent to eating more than 1kg of fruits and vegetables



Each day consists of 4 cold pressed juices as follows.

Food restriction: none.

juicedr healthy juice cleanse bangkok คอร์สน้ำผลไม้ น้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็น ส่งถึงบ้าน น้ำผลไม้ปั่น เพื่อสุขภาพ

diet programme

3-day programme for losing weight

1390 baht

A diet can feel like a torture because low-cal meals never seem to make you feel full. However, two magical low-cal foods that can are fruits and vegetables! This programme has a mere 776kcal per day. but is packed with fibres and the ‘meat’ of fruits and vegetables, helping you to feel full unlike other ordinary diets.


Each day consists of 1 red/yellow/orange cold pressed juice and all 5 colours of our smoothies as follows.

Food restriction: No high-cal food*


juicedr healthy diet juice cleanse bangkok คอร์สน้ำผลไม้ ลดน้ำหนัก น้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็น ส่งถึงบ้าน น้ำผลไม้ปั่น เพื่อสุขภาพ

*A day of our programme has been designed to have enough nutrients for an average person to last the whole day without feeling tired or hungry. However, if you do, you can have a low-cal lunch or even better, low-cal snacks spread throughout the day, bearing in mind that the more you eat, the more calories you will consume and the less weight you'll lose

detox programme

3-day programme for body cleanse

and detoxification

1390 baht

Nowadays, our body accumulates toxics from consuming more unhealthy food. This can lead to major health issues such as cancer. So we designed a detox programme to help clean your body, cleansing your systems on the inside and replenishing your skin on the outside. We use our green drinks which are high on chlorophyll to help detox your body and smoothies which are high on fibre to help cleanse your digestive system.



Each day consists of 1 green cold pressed juice and all 5 colours of our smoothies as follows.

Food restriction: Only clean food allowed.

juicedr healthy detox juice cleanse bangkok คอร์สน้ำผลไม้ ดีท็อกซ์ น้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็น ส่งถึงบ้าน น้ำผลไม้ปั่น เพื่อสุขภาพ
Programme Strip - Mummy.jpg

mummy programme

1-week programme for nourishing your baby

550 baht

Now that you’ve become a Mummy, let’s take care of your health so you pass on only the best things for your little one. One of the best food for your baby’s growth is of course fruits and vegetables, which are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. So treat yourself with the best for you and your baby’s health in this most important time of your life!

The programme consists of just cold pressed juices so your body can easily absorb all the healthy nutrients. Each day, you’ll be drinking just 1 bottle per day so you can have extra space for other healthy food for your baby.


Each day consists of 1 cold pressed juice as follows.

Food restriction: none.


Mummy Programme Schedule.png


Stay healthy for long run. Your tailor-made menu.

Pause at any time, no expiration

juicedr set healthy juice set cold pressed juice bangkok คอร์สน้ำผลไม้ น้ำผลไม้สกัดเย็น ส่งถึงบ้าน
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